On behalf of myself and the staff at Alpine Ranch CrossFit I thank you for taking the first step towards a stronger and healthier life. If you’ve been looking for CrossFit near me, you have come to the right place.

I’m not going to lie. CrossFit is demanding both mentally and physically, which is precisely the reason why it changes lives. It gives you the opportunity to better yourself in an ever changing environment. Instead of going to a regular gym and wandering from machine to machine without any guidance, here you will be coached and encouraged every day with strict emphasis on safe movement.

What's the Best Part of Joining?

The family! The CrossFit community worldwide shares a unique bond. You will quickly learn to work with others as a team. Providing and receiving positive reinforcement, which will surprisingly increase your desire to push your body harder than you ever thought possible. Then, as you are recovering after a tough WOD, you look up to see a teammate helping to put your equipment away while another reaches out to give you a high five, congratulating you on your effort.

What Sets Us Apart from other CrossFit Near Me?

Alpine Ranch CrossFit has teamed up with the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) to bring CrossFit to adaptive athletes in San Diego. I, myself, am an adaptive athlete. On Father’s Day 2013 I lost my leg below the knee. Just ‘21’ days after my accident, I was back doing CrossFit on one leg. I have trained relentlessly and adapted to all the movements of CrossFit with the use of my prosthetic. I could not have done it without the support of CAF. In this gym, regardless of any ailment, you are not disabled or handicap. You are an ATHLETE overcoming a setback and a champion in our hearts and mind. These athletes provide the next level of inspiration to everyone around them!

Thank you,

Chappie Hunter
Owner & Lead Coach

Why Choose Us?

Alpine Ranch CrossFit is dedicated to providing the best training to each person’s individual fitness level. You will never be forced to go beyond your limits. However, you can rest assure we will push you to your limits. Are you ready to get after it?