Alpine Ranch CrossFit started as a home based garage affiliate in 2013. Coming from humble beginnings and driven by passion, we have grown into an exceptional facility. We are now nestled in an amazing 5000 square foot space, surrounded by a scenic open-air environment inside the Viejas Outlet Center in Alpine, CA.


​​Alpine Ranch CrossFit has 70+ feet of wall mounted Pull Up rig, which  allows us six regular squat stations plus one Olympic Weightlifting platform.

The entire floor is wide open for safe movement and the ceilings are 18′ high with ‘4’ rope climb stations & ‘4’ ring muscle up stations.

1/4 of the facility is slowly being converted into a regular global style gym. There will be treadmills, nautilus machines and free weights.

We have ‘3’ bathrooms to include ‘2’ showers.

Outside we have the entire Viejas Outlet Center to use for running, training and various special events. No matter what time you come to workout, the center is immaculately clean and well lit.


Alpine Ranch CrossFit is situated inside the Viejas Outlet Center. The only CrossFit facility in the nation where beautiful landscaping with cascading waterfalls surrounds you while you walk/jog/run.

We have the ability to perform half mile and mile runs in and around the center. Willows Road itself is safe and has a wide sidewalk, which is lighted during low light hours.

On occasion, we will travel to El Capitan High School to use their track and field. This is where we test for personal records in the 50 yard & 100 yard dash, 200M & 400M sprints, and Mile run.


Alpine Ranch CrossFit has a clean comfortable area to relax and socialize in. This is also where your kids can chill while you workout. We have WiFi and USB ports for them to charge their electronic devices in. We also have an Arcade 1Up PacMan machine for them to play for FREE.

There are rules the kids must follow, which you will sign off on during registration. YOU are responsible for ensuring your little tyke complies or you will be politely interrupted during class to go care for them. We are not a daycare center and do not offer child care.