Arlene Hunter

Arlene Hunter

CrossFit Level II / Advanced Kids Coach


Born in 1971, Arlene grew up in San Diego. She attended college at University of California Berkeley and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology.  Arlene married Coach Chappie in 2007 and they have a beautiful son.

In late 2012, Arlene began her study of CrossFit.  Arlene does not shy away from the fact she could not perform one push up nor one pull up at that time.  Within one year, Arlene PR’ed with 29 push ups and 6 strict pull ups.  She also went from 131 lbs. to a solid and healthy 118 lbs.  Now, two years into her training, she can perform over 45 push ups and 10 strict pull ups plus many other notable personal records.  She is the prime example of what you can accomplish with safe consistent physical training coupled with a balanced diet and an awesome attitude.

In 2018, Arlene completed the lengthy and difficult Brand X Method Advanced Coaching certification. She is a stickler for safe movement in our growing youth and has the patience of a saint.  In 2020, Arlene became a CrossFit Level II trainer and has a passion for providing instruction for the adults in the same safe and consistent manner as she does with the kids.  Living and studying with Coach Chappie, she also has inherited a great deal of knowledge in adaptive movement. She can adjust movements on the fly for all levels and abilities.

  • Coach @ Alpine Ranch CrossFit
  • CrossFit Level I
  • CrossFit Level II
  • The Brand X Method Kids Advanced Course
  • The Brand X Method Kids & Teens Barbell
  • Crossroads Adaptive Athletic Alliance
  • CPR / AED Certified


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