I will take my health and well-being seriously and be grateful with the physical abilities I have been given while weight training in Alpine Ranch. I will take it serious because I know my life depends on it.

I will respect each and every person in the gym without negative judgement, preconceived ideas or stereotypes.

I will be encouraging and positive towards others and present myself with a positive attitude that will inspire others around me to be great.

I will be kind to myself and refrain from negative self-talk to any degree. I will not compare myself to others but rather focus on myself in what I can do and celebrate my victories.

I will not make excuses, complain and tell stories of why I couldn’t or didn’t, but rather of how I CAN!

I will strive to keep my gym clean. I will put my equipment away in its proper place and help others with theirs, because I know they will do the same for me.

I will embrace the physical and mental challenges Alpine Ranch CrossFit presents on a daily basis. I will trust my coach and be coachable. Here we train for the unknown. And the unknown creates fear. But, when I conquer fear, I am a happier, greater and more fulfilled me.

I will FOCUS when needed and explode with great fortitude because doing so will only make movements with a barbell safer.

I will get involved with Alpine Ranch CrossFit’s extracurricular activities outside of fitness. I know this helps to become a better teammate and foster a stronger community.

I will not chit chat during the workout unless it is motivational. I will give encouraging and positive reinforcement and motivate teammates to achieve their best effort.

I will educate myself on CrossFit outside of the gym with articles, videos and keep an open mind to compete when the time presents itself.

I accept Adaptive Athletes are NOT handicapped or disabled. I know these two words do not exist here!

I will commit to having fun at Alpine Ranch CrossFit. Then, I will commit to some more FUN!

If you can make a valid effort to conform to these commandments, then you are welcome to join our Alpine Ranch CrossFit family. Just click the Sign Up button below and send Coach Chappie an email. 


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