Alpine Ranch CrossFit will help you improve your overall health and wellness. Our brand of CrossFit provides a safe environment for all ages and abilities. Our highly experienced coaching staff and awesome community of athletes will dispel any myths you have heard about CrossFit.


Weightlifting is a regular part of our daily workouts. We follow a safe Linear Progression program helping you grow stronger both mentally & physically. In addition to regular classes, we offer separate Power Lifting & Olympic Lifting classes each week. These classes are open to all levels of ability.


Conditioning is an essential component of CrossFit training. Running, Rowing, Biking, and Jump Rope are programmed regularly. Being situated inside the Viejas Outlet Center provides a beautifully landscaped, well lit, safe place to run. No stinky alleyways or busy streets to worry about.


(Currently Unavailable) Come find your Inner Warrior! Experience the mental & physical healing powers of yoga. These sessions are geared towards gaining mobility & muscle recovery. Yoga will greatly improve your daily workouts while also fostering harmony in the body, mind, and environment.


CrossFit is a lifestyle. Our team and family like atmosphere is here to encourage you to become a better athlete & human being. When you come to Alpine Ranch CrossFit, everyone knows your name. You are a part of something bigger than just a workout. Work hard, be humble and achieve goals you never thought were possible!


On behalf of myself and the staff at Alpine Ranch CrossFit I thank you for taking the first step towards a stronger and healthier life.

Strength & Conditioning

From beginner to elite, we are focused on guiding you to your goals. All classes are scalable to your individual ability. Be prepared to work hard, accept constructive criticism and encouragement, make new friends, and go home stronger than yesterday.

Adaptive Athletes

What sets Alpine Ranch Fitness apart, is our dedication to Adaptive Athletes. We have established a welcoming environment for adaptive athletes to come and lean on each other for support. Coach Chappie is an adaptive athlete himself. He is a recognized expert in the field of Adaptive Athletics.

The History Behind
Coach Chappie started Alpine Ranch CrossFit inside his home garage in 2013. He received his CrossFit Level I Trainer certification and started small by training his wife, Arlene, and her two friends. Within 6 months he had 15 athletes training 3 days a week. By 2015, 15 turned into 50 and he was running 3 classes a day 5 days a week out of their 3-car garage. Chappie expanded his coaching knowledge receiving several more certifications to include his CrossFit Level II Trainer certification. Arlene was hooked and received her CrossFit Level I Trainer certification. In 2016, Chappie & Arlene went all in. They closed down the garage and moved to a 2600sqft space inside the beautiful Viejas Outlet Center! Within one week, the gym exploded to 100 athletes. He hired a staff of amazing coaches and continued to grow the gym family offering Adult, Teen & Youth CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, Yoga, and Specialized Classes for Adaptive Athletes. By 2020, the gym family outgrew their space and expanded to an awesome 5000sqft facility. Being a Law Enforcement Officer and an Adaptive Athlete himself, Chappie has designed the gym environment to be a Safe and Humble place for all ages and abilities to find their Inner Warrior.
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Our coaches are highly experienced, each with expertise in various arenas of CrossFit athletics. All of us exude positivity, provide a support system, are knowledgeable and practice patience. We take the time to get to know all of our athletes on individually. We help you scale workouts to your level of ability and provide you with positive constructive criticism.


WOD5:00amArlene Hunter
WOD6:00amArlene Hunter
WOD9:15amArlene Hunter
Young Warriors 7y/o-13y/o3:45pmArlene Hunter
WOD4:30pmChappie Hunter
WOD5:30pmChappie Hunter
WOD5:00amArlene Hunter
WOD6:00amArlene Hunter
WOD9:15amArlene Hunter
Teens (Strength)3:30pmAlex Mack
WOD4:30pmChappie Hunter
Olympic Lifting5:30pmAlex Mack
WOD5:00amSteve Donston
WOD6:00amSteve Donston
WOD9:15amSteve Donston
Young Warriors 8y/o-13y/o3:45pmArlene Hunter
WOD4:30pmCurtis Martin
WOD5:30pmCurtis Martin
WOD5:00amArlene Hunter
WOD6:00amArlene Hunter
WOD9:15amArlene Hunter
Teens (Conditioning)3:30pmChappie Hunter
WOD4:30pmChappie Hunter
WOD5:30pmChappie Hunter
WOD5:00amJacqui Donston
WOD6:00amJacqui Donston
WOD9:15amJacqui Donston
WOD4:30pmChappie Hunter
WOD5:30pmChappie Hunter
Partner or Team WOD / Hero WOD***8:30amChappie Hunter

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